Total zwei termine. Jeder termin ca. zwei bis drei Stunde.

Total two sessions, each of them about 2 to 3 hours.
Not lately, but since few years back, customers bring more and more ideas they found on the internet. That said, I do also research stuff on the net as well.
In other hand, most of the stuff they bring are already done tattoo photos and not illustrations or so on. I’m just taking the best of the situation and trying to give a little twist to it.

There’s nothing new under the sun they say…



Total zwei termine.
Bild von oben nach unten: Abgeheilt tattoo, Zweiter und Erster termine


Total 2 sessions. Photos from top to bottom: Healed tattoo, second and first sessions respectively.


Schriftzüge bei anderem Tätowierer.Total ca. sechs sitzung
skull totenkopf tattoo1

This full arm tattoo on Sascha took around 6 sessions. Not intend to be a sleeve at the beginning, down from the elbow was done in individual pieces. The lettering was done by another tattooer.
skull totenkopf tattoo2

Slowly switching gears to this style (Black & Grey) that is highly on demand at the actual shop. Personally, I believe on craftsmanship of tattooing that I’ve learned in Japan and I keep it dear and near to my heart. One, if not the most important lesson, is to always be able to navigate (and emulate) trends without loosing the focus despite the hard ships.
Yup, it’s a long way…
skull totenkopf tattoo2a

eine jahr alt Abgeheilt tattoo
fu dog tattoo carlos aus tokio

Once the customer walks out of the door, you don’t know if you’ll ever see them again. For me, it’s a grateful thing when they swing by for a chat and check.
Fu-Dog done around a year ago. Healed and fresh photos respectively.



Total zwei termine. ca. zwei stunde pro termin
rose tattoo1

Two sessions to complete. Each session around two hours
rose tattoo2

rose tattoo3

Total drei sitzung. Jeder termine ungefähr drei stunde
Danke für gucken!

archangel tattoo1

archangel tattoo2

archangel tattoo5

archangel tattoo6

archangel tattoo7

Total three sessions. Each session about three hours.

Finally got some time to organize my photos and wish you enjoy them. Just to remind you, now I’m working in the city of Cologne in Germany. If you’re around, make sure to pass by and have a word with me.
Thanx for looking🙂

archangel tattoo3

archangel tattoo4



four elements tattoo4
Last of the Four elements series. I’m already working on new flash project and meanwhile, hoping to find time to organize some tattoo photos to post here. Thank you for following/ watching this blog!