Back to the front

Not a big fan of posting (and seeing) works in progress, but as this supposed to be a blog of the whereabouts, here we go.
After months moving up and down, north and south, finally things are starting to settle down. I have to confess that I was starting to get tired of not having my own place, my own space. Now, a light is coming in the end of the tunnel…

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Carlos aus Tokyo

International player, attitude holder, tattooist of the masses. ロス、リオ, 東京, アムス、アントワープ、リエージュ、ドルトムンド、ケルンと世界を渡り、彫り歩く。タトゥーはその土地土地の空気を表す手段という解釈で今日も胸いっぱい彫ります