Schwedisch Deutsch Freundschaft flash

blood work tattoo old horse1
Early Xmas gift or hate mail?
Both. And in good terms should I add. “Hate mail”, as it boosts my imagination to make something better for the next flash, and hate can lead to creativeness too. Isn’t all ’bout love, right?
Thanx to my friend and fellow tattooer Old Horse. Your humor, sarcasm and hard work will pay back brother…No sleep ’till Valhalla!
Check his blog here, and check the story about this project here and here
Bellow, drawings by Old Horse (Sweden)
blood work tattoo old horse2blood work tattoo old horse3

Bellow, my drawings (click to enlarge)



The nightmare to the end of year’s countdown had just began…

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Carlos aus Tokyo

Mit asiatischen Flair kombiniert mit Südamerikanischer Kraft lässt Carlos seine einmaligen „Hybrid Tattoos“ entstehen (Eng) Esoteric International player, attitude holder, natural born rebellious, tattooer of the masses. Currently working in my third continent ロス、リオ, 東京, アムス、アントワープ、リエージュ、ドルトムンド、ケルンと世界を渡り、彫り歩く。タトゥーはその土地土地の空気を表す手段という解釈で今日も胸いっぱい彫ります