“Longhorn Extravaganza” flash project

alde horse carlos aus tokio

This is the 3rd attempt of this tattoo flash project between me and Blood Work Tattoo’s Old Horse from Sweden. Check his blog here
Check here for the past drawings.
We even decided a name (the title of this post) for the project. Guess we’re getting pretty serious, but having fun above all to do this thing.
From the next one’s we will do one sheet only. Matter of time and other projects from me and Horse’s. It would make things awkward if we keep painting 2 sheets every time.

Well, sounds like numbers don’t make a huge difference (being it 1 or 2 sheets). But again, fun should prevail!
Oh, and BTW, this time the theme is “Life & Death”. Enjoy!

bloodwork tattoo3
Above: by Old Horse/ Bellow: by me
carlos aus tokio 3

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