japanese tiger tattoo1
Ryūko is a junction of two words: Ryū(龍, dragon)and Ko(虎, tiger).
As the title of this post states, they are meme of popular image depicting a mortal combat between two mighty forces (represented by these 2 powerful animals).
In western tattoo iconography, it can be compared to the Battle Royale design.
Take a look on this blog I found (here) showing the step by step of this classic design.

I guess tattooing imagery is so strongly connected with fierce battles between good and evil, past and present and so on.
The process of tattooing itself can be compared with a fight with opposite natures (pain & pleasure), but always ending with a good balance.

And today, 11th of March is the date were 2 forces clashed back in 2011 in Japan. The mother nature and human greed. And believe me (I was there), that had nothing to do with all the hype that followed later…
The fallen are not forgotten!

japanese tiger tattoo2