Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 7 (War & Hate)

Haters gonna hate!
Politically incorrect flash works…previous post of War & Hate project, here and here
old horse tattoo
Just finished my side on this interesting and (why not) controversial piece. If art is agitation, I’m not sure. But it reflect moments and feelings. I’m sure about that.

So, I just played a little bit with the words on this one as well. If you read the top and bottom (respectively) all together, it becomes a one piece phrase:
“From heaven they came a blessing from Riyadh?”
And still as individual drawings, they carry the “message” out.

Color wise, I went through the black and grey tones to keep it equal to Old Horse’s drawing.
I guess we are “nailing” slowly the objective of this project, and each flash are merging together as a single piece. But, keeping the individuality from both sides.

I hope you enjoyed!

Old Horse finished version bellow. His blog link here


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