Dortmund tattoo convention (review)

Well, finally got time to organize photos of tattoos I had done at this convention.
I was very very busy the three days and got no time to take proper photos of the hall. I would love very much to show you how was the vibe there, and how well organized was everything.
Promising (and probably forgetting later), I will do so on my next attending convention.
Meanwhile, here’s few photos!
japanische drache tattoo3
One more session on our friend Stefan. Check the last one here
japanische drache tattoo4
Dragon tattoo Full sleeve projekt (Fertig)

Bellow, it’s a work I started at Frankfurt convention. I didn’t took a picture there, but here’s what we’ve done so far.
polynesian tattoo deutschland
polynesian tattoo deutschland1

And many scripts/ lettering tattoos. I love to do them!


And, if you missed the last post (here), the finished Peacock on our friend Rolland from Switzerland
peacock tattoo1

Thank you again for all the people I met and tattooed! See you on next show.
tattoo convention dortmund carlos aus tokio

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