My weekend’s dream

The finished result
Size A3 with Pentel brush pens and Tombow pens
I don’t usually draw with the paper in horizontal, but just giving a try.
Exceptions are the rules

Japanese Oni tattoo
Awake and dreaming the dream of the evening
Dream while leaving the day dream and living
The dreams that were spat and forgotten
Thinking hopeful plans of the post-Morten
Never too late for wishing you hell
In another dream words I can’t spell
Well, well, well…
Death and decadence, awake I can smell
Rotten fruits in beautiful places

Published by

Carlos aus Tokyo

International player, attitude holder, tattooist of the masses. ロス、リオ, 東京, アムス、アントワープ、リエージュ、ドルトムンド、ケルンと世界を渡り、彫り歩く。タトゥーはその土地土地の空気を表す手段という解釈で今日も胸いっぱい彫ります