Skull sleeve tattoo on Sascha

Schriftzüge bei anderem Tätowierer.Total ca. sechs sitzung
skull totenkopf tattoo1

This full arm tattoo on Sascha took around 6 sessions. Not intend to be a sleeve at the beginning, down from the elbow was done in individual pieces. The lettering was done by another tattooer.
skull totenkopf tattoo2

Slowly switching gears to this style (Black & Grey) that is highly on demand at the actual shop. Personally, I believe on craftsmanship of tattooing that I’ve learned in Japan and I keep it dear and near to my heart. One, if not the most important lesson, is to always be able to navigate (and emulate) trends without loosing the focus despite the hard ships.
Yup, it’s a long way…
skull totenkopf tattoo2a

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Carlos aus Tokyo

Mit asiatischen Flair kombiniert mit Südamerikanischer Kraft lässt Carlos seine einmaligen „Hybrid Tattoos“ entstehen (Eng) Esoteric International player, attitude holder, natural born rebellious, tattooer of the masses. Currently working in my third continent ロス、リオ, 東京, アムス、アントワープ、リエージュ、ドルトムンド、ケルンと世界を渡り、彫り歩く。タトゥーはその土地土地の空気を表す手段という解釈で今日も胸いっぱい彫ります