Hands of doom




Do what your hands call for

Don’t be afraid to stick your fingers and touch the unknown

The tip points to new directions and different exits

There’s only one dark path, and many brighter forms

When you will be able to touch it again?

It will depend on time

A time that isn’t lost or it’s just a remote memory

But a strong sense and smell of love, above all, we are all here to stay

Published by

Carlos aus Tokyo

Mit asiatischen Flair kombiniert mit Südamerikanischer Kraft lässt Carlos seine einmaligen „Hybrid Tattoos“ entstehen (Eng) Esoteric International player, attitude holder, natural born rebellious, tattooer of the masses. Currently working in my third continent ロス、リオ, 東京, アムス、アントワープ、リエージュ、ドルトムンド、ケルンと世界を渡り、彫り歩く。タトゥーはその土地土地の空気を表す手段という解釈で今日も胸いっぱい彫ります