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Japanische Drache Projekt 2+

From a different perspective


Japanische Drache Projekt 2

Japanische Drache Projekt

Unterschied zwischen mit oder ohne Hintergrund. Welche ist besser sein?

First studies for color and background. Yup, I know. I just wrote pen and pencil last post, but I can’t help myself but I rely on iPad for this ☝️outlines done on paper, BTW


Japanische Drache Projekt

New attempt for a set of dragon designs. Back to the roots with ol’ pen and pencil.


Old skool hybrid tattoo 12

cologne carlos aus tokio tattoo city 14



The last one from this series. It was fun, hard and challenging as always. I will upload some tatt’ photos soon. I hope you enjoy, as much as I enjoy tattoos. FTW

Old skool hybrid tattoo 9

cologne carlos aus tokio tattoo city 9

Almost coming to a end on this series of Old school drawings. It was quite fun and challenging but very hard 🙂

Now time to get new material and start a new challenge. The next step will be harder? We will see…