From (Drawings)龍 Dragon

Japanische Drachen Tätowierung Zeichnung 3

dragon tattoo design3
Top left: Sketch on transparent paper and clear outlines on harder paper, about 2 hours. Right: Painting backgrounds, about 2 hours.
Bottom: The finished drawing. About 3 hours to finish the body and other parts
japanese dragon tattoo3
If you’ve been following this Dragon tattoo drawings, you can realize that the time taken to finish a sheet isn’t differing that much.
Say, it is about 7 to 8 hours to complete. I’m not sure if this is actually a good number. My wish is to shorten bit’s, but again…
The task just will be harder and harder from now on.

Dragons are popular tattoos. Over exposed, worked and rendered by centuries and by ALL tattooers past and present.
That’s why it gets harder as more I draw it.
It’s like music. From 7 basic notes, people composed from classic to popular. To make your song stand out in the crowd with these notes?
So, it had been a good exercise for me. Looking back again from chord to chord, color to color.
Will look for some more inspirations soon, or rather stop to look at them all!
Will post more about this matter in another time. Thanx for following!





pentel brush pencils

Above are the pens and brushes I’m using to draw.
Brand: Pentel and Tombow. Both Japanese, but I found it here.
I briefly mentioned in past posts (here and here)
They are not expensive as Copic markers, but aren’t cheaper either. So, presently I’m working with a basic limited number of colors (say 6/ 7 colors)
When I get more confident to paint with ’em, I might expand my pallet.

Japanische Drachen Tätowierung Zeichnung 2

More dragon tattoo drawings. Check the last one here. Hope you have fun!

dragon tattoo design1
Top from left: Rough sketch to decide the body movement and where to place hands and feet. It took about a hour. Center & right: The final sketch and clear outlines, respectively. About 2 hours for both.
Bellow: the finished drawing, 4 to 5 hours to complete.


japanese dragon tattoo2
Not happy with this one…I had a “bad feeling” from the moment I was painting it. I know once this “voice” just echoes in the brain, it ruins the entire process. But, I usually do not throw away any drawings when I’m in the middle of it.
I prefer to finish, wait 2~3 days and look at it.
Even do, if the feeling is not there; then I just left it behind.
I’m just posting it here, so that you can have an a idea of behind the scenes of the drawing process.

I decided to draw another one in similar body position. Check the photos bellow.


dragon tattoo design2
Top left: Sketch on transparent paper and later clear outlines on harder paper, about 2 hours. Right: Painting backgrounds, about 2 hours as well.
Bottom: The finished drawing. About 3 hours to finish the body and other parts

japanese dragon tattoo 1
Well, I’m personally glad with this one. I think it’s interesting to compare the drawings and see that always there’s a way to improve here and there. It can be a hint for you, if you’re looking for a tattoo design.
In other words, you do not need to find the exactly desired tattoo drawing.
If you have something “close” to what you’re looking for, the design can be improved and pimped, so to speak.
Other dragons are on the way, I will be posting them later!

Japanische Drachen Tätowierung Zeichnung

I’ve been posting a lot of tattoos in progress and their respective step by step photos in this blog. But, I though would be interesting to have some step by step of some tattoo drawings as well.
Often people do ask me how long it takes to finish up a drawing.
Actually that’s even more tough than answering how long it takes to finish a tattoo.
As I do (not so meticulously) count the time taken for tattoos, I never minded with the drawings.
Plus, I only can draw in between appointments or when I do finish my day at the shop.
So, I do take drawings more as a exercise and training rather than turning ’em to “art piece” so to speak.
Doing bit’s here and there I can feel more confident with themes that come up often (and not) to the request pallet.
This time I attempted a dragon design, as I’m getting few calls for this popular tattoo. And I re-visited one more time this theme in hopes of finding a new trick or a forgotten one.
The size is an a A3 paper (297X420 mm/ 11.7X16.5 in)
Please take a look on the photos bellow and enjoy!
japanese dragon tattoo drawing1
Above: First night, lines

japanese dragon tattoo drawing2
Above left: Second day morning. Right: Second day, night
japanese dragon tattoo drawing3
Above left: 3rd day morning. Right: 3rd day night, finished
japanese dragon tattoo drawing4
Above: complete drawing
Next time I will count the time consumed as well, if I don’t forget it!