Japanische Drache Projekt 1

Unterschied zwischen mit oder ohne Hintergrund. Welche ist besser sein?

First studies for color and background. Yup, I know. I just wrote pen and pencil last post, but I can’t help myself but I rely on iPad for this ☝️outlines done on paper, BTW


短歌 龍 Dragon (Haiku/ Tanka paper) 2

Past drawing here
ryu dragon tattoo
Size: (approx.) 8.5cm X 29.5cm (3.5 X 11.5 inches)
Material: Pentel brush pens and Water pens


短歌 龍 Dragon (Haiku/ Tanka paper)

Size: (approx.) 8.5cm X 29.5cm (3.5 X 11.5 inches)
Material: Pentel brush pens and Water pens
dragon tattoo
The real size of this long rectangular paper usually for writing Haiku (Wikipedia) or Tanka (Wikipedia) poems is approximate 6cm X 36cm.
I’m using just a left over paper of my recent bigger size drawings.
Recycle & Resist!

Japanische Drachen Tätowierung Zeichnung 9

Please check here all the previous dragon designs for back piece tattoos
japanese dragon tattoo8

Time to try new techniques and new drawing pens.
I always wanted to paint these brush-effect dragons, but wasn’t sure about how much to leave regarding negative spaces.
This first try, I feel “guilty” for not packing colors (shadings) completely as usually I do.
At the same time, I tried not over-doing it. Obviously you can add more shading later, if you feel left.
Let’s see…more to discover on future dragons.
Wonderful weekend for ya’ all!

Japanische Drachen Tätowierung Zeichnung 8

japanische drache1
Yes, I did not abandoned this Dragon tattoo design series. Just got some nice tips from a fellow tattooer and it helped me to shape here and there.
It’s always nice and refreshing to work in classical themes. And needles to say, it’s a long way to make ’em right!
Keep dying or die tryin’!

japanese dragon tattoo7
Size: A3. Materials used: Tombow and Pentel brush pens. Circa 8 hours to complete


Japanische Drachen Tätowierung Zeichnung 6

japanese dragon tattoo sketches

japanese dragon tattoo5

One more dragon finished recently. I’m just back from convention craziness (3 weekends in a roll!) and hadn’t much time to write some text here. Sorry for all you guys that love my poetry 😉
I will be posting more of the convention reviews during upcoming days and some thoughts I had (and always have) when I’m out there on tour.

Just for the note: I’m bringing some of these original drawings (framed) throughout the conventions for sale. If you are interested, just drop by our booth and bring home a original hand painted tattoo design!
Next convention schedules can be checked here