Oberhausen Tattoo Bash (review)

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I wasn’t writing any reviews recently, because the 2 past conventions I took part didn’t work out for me that good.
Well, we can’t expect only positive results from every trip. Reality is, that slowly getting to understand the system of my new environment; I have to carefully avoid to stagnate myself.
This last convention in Oberhausen was again, like all conventions I participated an a eye opener.
Since I moved here (because of the language barrier), I learned to be more a hearer than a talker.
For not being able to expose all thoughts verbally, as a human being I learned (and still learning) that perception is a important guider.
Making new friends. Listening to new words, and above all, laughing.
It makes me feel so good to laugh, being laughed and making people laugh.
That might be the answer. But is too early to say so, so I will laugh again.


24th International Berlin Tattoo convention

Berlin tattoo convention 2014 Carlos aus Tokio
We will be attending the convention in Berlin (link) during this weekend.
Besides doing tattoos, I will be selling some original paintings (not prints) framed and ready to adorn your house.
Feel free to pass by and check our portfolios, get tattooed or just say hi and buy me a beer 😉
viel spaß!

Dortmund tattoo convention (review)

Well, finally got time to organize photos of tattoos I had done at this convention.
I was very very busy the three days and got no time to take proper photos of the hall. I would love very much to show you how was the vibe there, and how well organized was everything.
Promising (and probably forgetting later), I will do so on my next attending convention.
Meanwhile, here’s few photos!
japanische drache tattoo3
One more session on our friend Stefan. Check the last one here
japanische drache tattoo4
Dragon tattoo Full sleeve projekt (Fertig)

Bellow, it’s a work I started at Frankfurt convention. I didn’t took a picture there, but here’s what we’ve done so far.
polynesian tattoo deutschland
polynesian tattoo deutschland1

And many scripts/ lettering tattoos. I love to do them!


And, if you missed the last post (here), the finished Peacock on our friend Rolland from Switzerland
peacock tattoo1

Thank you again for all the people I met and tattooed! See you on next show.
tattoo convention dortmund carlos aus tokio

Dortmund tattoo convention 2014

Well, very rare thing happening today…free wi-fi! Believe or not, they still charge extra for this service over here.
Usually I do not publish anything “on time”, but it’s a good opportunity to break the oath!

If you’re around, come and visit us here!

tattoo convention dortmund_carlos aus tokio 2014


Tattoo Bash Köln (review)

Few weeks passed since Tattoo Bash Köln (held last month’s 25th to 27th) and I got myself back to write some for you.
I had a very fruitful experience in April attending 3 conventions in a roll (Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Köln) and many tattooer fellas might agree that there’s too many conventions nowadays.
They can’t be wrong. Definitely we can find all types and sizes of tattoo conventions on the most remote parts of the planet.
In other words, we (tattooers and customers) have the chance to hand pick which conventions, cities/ countries we might visit in the future.

In other hand we face odd situations like tattooing in noisy, dark, hot, cold locations and other “natural obstacles” we find being far from our common habitat.
As far for me, the experience of going through all this makes me grow positively stronger. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.
Specially right now that I’m driving by my own to these places to discover, meet and interact with different people and different cultures. All under one roof.

drache sleeve tattoo deutschland
More work added on our friend Stefan. Check the last session here
Dragon tattoo Full sleeve projekt (Fertig)

peacock tattoo deutschland
Our Swiss friend Rolland and his wife graced our booth for the weekend. His previous session can be seen here
孔雀-Peacock-Pfau tattoo (Dortmund tattoo convention)



Huskvarna Rock & Art Weekend

Stop the press!

Flyer 2014

I’m proud to announce that I will be participating on my first “overseas” tattoo convention in Sweden!
Dates confirmed: 3 to 5 October, 2014.
Location: Huskvarna Folkets Park
Link to event’s home page: rocknart.se

It will be a 3 days of tattoo and music. Please check the website for further details, timetables and so on.

My fellow Scandinavian friends, please contact me directly if you wish to have a tattoo by me. Please go here and fill in the contact box in the bottom of the page. Just for the record: I can’t give you a estimate through email, but if you have a budget I’m open to discuss the possibilities when we meet face to face at the venue. Feel free to enclose your ideas and please browse through my portfolio (here) to see if my style matches what you are looking for.
Tack så mycket!

Please note: I will be out of my booth while Vulcano (Brazilian godz of extreme metal, pioneers of Black/ death/ thrash in South America) is playing. Otherwise I will be tattooing as usual. If you never heard them, you’re a poser…

22. Frankfurt tattoo convention (review)

Another great time at Frankfurt convention (link). Please enjoy!

tattoo convention frankfurt_carlos aus tokio 2014
OK, I guess now I’m back in track with my posts. This convention was held from 11th to 13th March, and finally I found time to organize all the photos ans so. I always write a little late these reviews for this reason. And I do not plan to have internet connection on my cellphone right now. That means no “live report” on the spot.
In my opinion, half of the attention spent on this little device can be used in a more positive way. Looking down the screen makes you miss so many things passing in front of you. And yet, I can’t miss nor even a second!




japanische drache tattoo deutschland
Continuing the sleeve on our friend Stefan. This is the second session, but we didn’t had much time unfortunately. Next convention we hope to do some more. First session here
Dragon tattoo Full sleeve projekt (Fertig)

viking leg tattoo
After 3 conventions we were able to finish Mattias Viking tattoo. I hope to get a healed photo on our next meeting. Track back this tattoo’s step by step from here

pfau tattoo deutschland
This new project started on our friend Rolland from Switzerland. Very nice guy, stood like a rock in this very painful spot. Very excited to continue on next convention.

pfau tattoo deutschland1
孔雀-Peacock-Pfau tattoo (Dortmund tattoo convention)

kleine tattoo
Very cool piece, perfect in between big projects!



japanese wrestlers



皆が皆胡散臭いイメージだけを売りにしている訳ではないし、コスプレしに来ているのではないと 気付かされた。
masa saitoh

Tattoo show Stuttgart (review)

Another great experience last weekend (4 to 6, April) on my 3rd participation at this convention (link)
The great thing about going to the same tattoo convention every year is, meeting old friends and family spread around and gathering for the same game once again.
Stuttgart is a city that I only know very briefly, but I had a good feeling since I came here for the first time.
And “vibe” is very important for me. Some places (not just conventions) that I visited in the past never gave me this instant rapport thing.
One of the reasons I’m living here now, is definitely this “instant rapport thing” I felt when I set foot here in 2000 and tens.
Back to the convention story…

Since I’m mad dogging myself in participate in all tattoo conventions I can and the ones that catch my interest (obviously) , I’m starting to re-think about the whole thing.
I mean, if is only to “participate”… everyone can do it.
So, I set up some personal “goals” since this year’s for every convention I will be taking part.
Some personal, some artistic (like bringing a new drawing for each convention) and some are monetary.
I know it kinda turns down people when we talk about money, but hey; I’m a pro. I get payed for what I do.
And convention goers must not forget: Some traveled from abroad. Some had to drive long hours. Everyone have to find a place to stay and pay for the booth rent.
None of these efforts could be done, if there’s no reason to spread our word and work for people to see it and ultimately, get it on skin.

For the one’s that got the message and choose one of us to transcribe their thoughts on skin, I thank you all again!
Keep tattooing alive!