jörmungandr 2nd & 3rd session

Now we are in this situation and I see everybody around posting old shit to keep up in the surface. I must say that we already drowned, but we don’t want to believe…

👆Second session, drawing and tattoos, respectively

👆Third session




Hybrid Hannya Tatt’s 5


Hybrid Hannya Tatt’s 4

ca. Drei bis vier Stunden pro jeder Sitzung, wie immer 💪

I must/need write something for each post. Looking for inspiration on tattoo memes pages on IG doesn’t help that much. That said, let’s watch Scott Ian’s spoken words. Or should I stick to Joey DeMaio’s? Fuck the world, hail and kill⚔️

Well, screw it. One more photo of this back piece. You might be fed up, but I’m loving doing and posting it as much as I make you fed up😉 see you next time 👋🏿

Hybrid Hannya Tatt’s 3




Hybrid Hannya Tatt’s 2

Erste Termin, ca. Drei Stunden.



Hybrid Hannya Tatt’s

So, that’s how we started.

The good thing about digital media is being able to show beforehand the overall impression of the customer’s tattoo. Back in the analog era, and by any means I’m saying it with sarcasm or whatsoever, I had to draw the thing life sized and it was difficult to get a whole picture until the customer showed up for the appointment.

Still, lot of hand work and drawing even after applying stencils or what not. My point is: everyone wins when we combine ancient and modern tools.

And yes, we sweat, talk, move and complain. Humans, that’s all



Hybrid full sleeve tattoo 8

Yet, both sleeves are complete. We started to close the chest on this session. Please take a look at “Tattoo process ” on the menu bar. You will get an a idea of how big projects are done. Thank you for watching 

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo23

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo24

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo25


Hybrid full sleeve tattoo 7

Some small details and patterns added on this day. Kinda hard to see any progress , but the arm itself is completed . Thanx for watching!

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo21

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo22


Hybrid full sleeve tattoo 6

Finished the inner part of his arm on this session. Few more posts and you will see the final result 

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo20