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Ancestral Entities parietal art (2018) Digital drawing

Crazy Lips/ Mouth of War (2018) Digital drawing

Insular Celtic Hannya (2018) Digital drawing

Transcendental Scandinavian/ Japanese heathen Saga(2018) Digital drawing

Intergalactic speaking ornament (2018) Digital drawing

Animal instinct (2018) Digital drawing

Hybrid Old School (2017)

Hybrid Hannya (2017)

Killuminati por El fuego (2017)


Four Elements (2016)


Seven (2016)


Ode to Cologne (2016)


Strong arm of the lettering (2016) size A3


No Pain No Gain (2015) size A3


漢字・文字Kanji tattoo (2015) size A3


骸骨Skull tattoo (Calaveras ov doom series-2015) size A3


梵字タトゥーBonji tattoo (Buddhist Sanskrit-2014) size A4


梵字タトゥーBonji tattoo (Buddhist Sanskrit-2014)
size A3 or bigger


Japanese tattoo design Black & Grey (2014) size A3 or bigger


Japanese tattoo design Color (2014) size A3 or bigger


短歌紙Japanese tattoo design on paper for Tanka (thirty-one-syllable poem-2014) size (approx.) 8.5cm X 29.5cm (3.5 X 11.5 inches)


チカーノタトゥー+和柄Chicano tattoos with Japanese motifs (2013)
size A4


Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project(with Old Horse/ Göteborg) since 2013


Frogs (2013)


from the Sketchbook (2013)