Kannon, the goddess of mercy
Ruca, the girl that stayed by her man’s side throughout difficult times
Size A3 Mechanical pencil B


The Demon queller. El Jefe. El Mero mero.


Size A3. Mechanical pencil B.

The power of the spirit over the mind

Size A3
Mechanical pencil B


jörmungandr 2nd & 3rd session

Now we are in this situation and I see everybody around posting old shit to keep up in the surface. I must say that we already drowned, but we don’t want to believe…

👆Second session, drawing and tattoos, respectively

👆Third session


New drawings

Japanese +ornamental combination. Trying everyday something new 💪

Wanna-do Tattoos 2

Healed/ abgeheilt

From a while ago, everything healed

🏴‍☠️ Totenkopf 💀

Zwischen 4 und halbe bis 5 Stunden

Total around 5 hours

Wanna-do Tattoos

🇫🇷Chaque dessin est unique et ne sera donc tatoué qu’une seule fois.

Ich habe immer ein paar coole Wanna-do Tattoo Motiv für euch vorbereitet
Gibt es für einen fairen Festpreis!