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Digital drawing 3

Waschbär für Waschbär

Schwarz Ornament Tattoo

Am Unterarm . Danke für gucken 👁



Sphinx katzen

I’m re-starting to upload some old/ new stuff . I hope you dig it 😊





Old skool hybrid tattoo 9

cologne carlos aus tokio tattoo city 9

Almost coming to a end on this series of Old school drawings. It was quite fun and challenging but very hard 🙂

Now time to get new material and start a new challenge. The next step will be harder? We will see…

Old skool hybrid tattoo 6

cologne carlos aus tokio tattoo city 6

While bombs fly over the beloved old country, I can’t do much but voice my little protest through the pen and not with the sword

How it will end I can’t predict. Hope the fire quenches the fury or the fury gets thrown to the fire

I feel you Kim, I feel you…

Hybrid full sleeve tattoo 6

Finished the inner part of his arm on this session. Few more posts and you will see the final result 

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo20