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Roses for Isabelle



From a while ago. Again, just had the chance re-take these photos after the crisis 💪治った状態で写真を撮り直しました🤳。よかった、よかった。

Jörmungandr 4th & last session

👆Abgeheilt/ healed
Original skull tattoo not by me. I did touch-ups.

Finally finished after enduring three months forced break so to speak. Pretty content with the result of this one. Hopefully we all can be back after all. #allforone#oneforall


Amelio Robles メキシコ水滸伝


Rosa Bobadilla メキシコ水滸伝

Known as “La Coronela,” she inherited the position of her husband after his death fighting by the side of Emiliano Zapata. She was a remarkable leader, she fought the federals while commanding 200 peasants. Here depicted as a Tennyo, heavenly maiden in Buddhist iconography

Comandante Ramona メキシコ水滸伝


Margarita Neri メキシコ水滸伝

She was a fierce soldadera, a female soldier of the Mexican revolution. Neri commanded a unity of more than 1000 women in 1910, throughout Tabasco and Chiapas. Always carrying a machete, vowing to decapitate dictator Porfirio Días⚔️ Don’t mess with her❗️💪

#heroes of suikoden # Mexican version

Pancho Villa メキシコ水滸伝

Größe: A4. Druck Bleistifte 0.5 mm, B

Die neueste Zeichnen serie sind inspiriert von mein letzte Mexiko besuche am ende/ anfang dieses Jahr. Das sind den ausdruck zwischen meinen beiden Kultur: japanische und latin

Subcomandante Marcos メキシコ水滸伝

¡Ya Basta!