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Lotus plus ornaments

carlos aus tokio deutschland tattoo4


Scrap Tambourine

Flyer/ Visual redemption for the band’s upcoming gig in Tokyo

The last flyer is the official one from the organizers, not done by me. If you happen to be in the area, check them out. It will be a far out happening for extreme music lovers!

Extreme Black (mit bisschen rot)

Nicht abgeheilt, fertig in zwei Termin

Total 2 sessions and it’s not a completely healed photo. Thanx for looking


Digital drawing 37

“Under the Black mark 5”

Digital drawing 36

“Under the Black mark 4”

Digital drawing 35

“Under the Black mark 3”

Digital drawing 34

“Under the Black mark 2”

Digital drawing 33

“Under the Black mark 1”

Digital drawing 32

Digital drawing 31