Taiko (Healed)

About a month old. No touch-up‘s, no filters.


Le Dragon

Only lines. At first, I thought the request was a bit strange. But I liked the final result and I now understand that she wants everything in this graphic direction, if that’s how you call it

Back with a bang

Doors finally open . Trying my best to keep the motivation up, as inspiration it’s always on

New counter

Trying to leave some handmade flavor here and there. Of course I’m relying on printing digitally banners and what not, but I think it’s important the low-key side’s on a tattoo shop.


Hybrid Hannya Abgeheilt

It was finished last year, but with all the chaos that followed afterwards, we never had a chance to meet. Finally we could take a proper picture! Must say that I’m pretty satisfied with this tattoo and more will be added soon 💪


Rosa Bobadilla メキシコ水滸伝

Known as “La Coronela,” she inherited the position of her husband after his death fighting by the side of Emiliano Zapata. She was a remarkable leader, she fought the federals while commanding 200 peasants. Here depicted as a Tennyo, heavenly maiden in Buddhist iconography

Subcomandante Marcos メキシコ水滸伝

¡Ya Basta!

¡Viva Zapata ! メキシコ水滸伝

Size A4. Mechanical pencil B




Kannon, the goddess of mercy
Ruca, the girl that stayed by her man’s side throughout difficult times
Size A3 Mechanical pencil B