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Extreme Black (mit bisschen rot)

Nicht abgeheilt, fertig in zwei Termin

Total 2 sessions and it’s not a completely healed photo. Thanx for looking


Digital drawing 38

“Under the Black mark 6”

The history of mankind is a circle of massacre, execution and vengeance. Since the Roman times there was a war that soaked these forest grounds with the blood of young man. To achieve the final wisdom, the answer that lies between the trenches, they speak in a motionless gesture that can only be interpreted by those in communion with the crest of the Black mark

Digital drawing 37

“Under the Black mark 5”

Digital drawing 36

“Under the Black mark 4”

Digital drawing 35

“Under the Black mark 3”

Digital drawing 34

“Under the Black mark 2”

Digital drawing 33

“Under the Black mark 1”

Digital drawing 32

Digital drawing 31



Digital drawing 30

I know, I know…

When you stuck to one tattoo style, you suppose not even look to other ones. But, curiosity and wish to move forward, always keep me trying new things

How it will be reflected back in my tattoos it’s another story

The most important is to keep mutating, transforming and not becoming a copy of yourself

“If you don’t move, you don’t notice your chains “