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Hybrid full sleeve tattoo 8

Yet, both sleeves are complete. We started to close the chest on this session. Please take a look at “Tattoo process ” on the menu bar. You will get an a idea of how big projects are done. Thank you for watching 

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo23

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo24

hybrid tattoo deutschland carlos aus tokyo25


Polynesian based full arm tattoo

Danke Nico! Total sieben sitzung, jede termine ca. drei stunden. Leider aber Ich habe keine bild für “step by step” 🙁

Total of seven sessions and each sitting around three hours. Unfortunately I have no pics of each step 🙁  Having trouble to adjust my camera with the new environment and the shop lights. Plus, on top of that, bloody smartphones getting better and better in terms of pic quality…so, why bother?