Body suit

Zweiter Sitzung, mit einem cover-up
Bitte, klicken an diesen website “Menu”, dann “Tattoo Process”. Kannst Du gucken wie diese ganzen Arm entsteht war

Jörmungandr 4th & last session

👆Abgeheilt/ healed
Original skull tattoo not by me. I did touch-ups.

Finally finished after enduring three months forced break so to speak. Pretty content with the result of this one. Hopefully we all can be back after all. #allforone#oneforall


jörmungandr 2nd & 3rd session

Now we are in this situation and I see everybody around posting old shit to keep up in the surface. I must say that we already drowned, but we don’t want to believe…

👆Second session, drawing and tattoos, respectively

👆Third session


Wanna-do Tattoos 2

Healed/ abgeheilt

From a while ago, everything healed

Baptized by the fire, against the waves

Digital drawing 47

“Immortal women 9”

Digital drawing 46

“Immortal women 8”

Digital drawing 45

“Immortal women 7”

Digital drawing 42

“Immortal women 4”