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Hybrid Hannya Tatt’s 2

Erste Termin, ca. Drei Stunden.



Hybrid Hannya Tatt’s

So, that’s how we started.

The good thing about digital media is being able to show beforehand the overall impression of the customer’s tattoo. Back in the analog era, and by any means I’m saying it with sarcasm or whatsoever, I had to draw the thing life sized and it was difficult to get a whole picture until the customer showed up for the appointment.

Still, lot of hand work and drawing even after applying stencils or what not. My point is: everyone wins when we combine ancient and modern tools.

And yes, we sweat, talk, move and complain. Humans, that’s all



Flyer ideas

Baptized by the fire, against the waves

Digital drawing 48

“Immortal women 10”

Digital drawing 47

“Immortal women 9”

Digital drawing 46

“Immortal women 8”

Digital drawing 45

“Immortal women 7”

Digital drawing 44

“Immortal women 6”

Digital drawing 43

“Immortal women 5”