Schlange 🐍 mit Dolch 🗡

Insgesamt drei Stunden.

Angel Back piece 6

Angel back piece 5


Insgesamt Zwei Sitzung


Insgesamt vier Sitzungen
Jede Termin, ca. Drei Stunden. Dankeschön Sabrina!
wie ein Tattoo vom Anfang bis zum Ende entsteht?👉🏻 Menu👉🏻 Tattoo Process


Le Dragon

Only lines. At first, I thought the request was a bit strange. But I liked the final result and I now understand that she wants everything in this graphic direction, if that’s how you call it

Back with a bang

Doors finally open . Trying my best to keep the motivation up, as inspiration it’s always on

Angel back piece 4

From the archives. Persisting in such times might sound heroic, but reality is far from what we really face. Not being able to fight it’s more disconcerting than imaginary screams from battlefields


Angel back piece 3