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Lotus plus ornaments

carlos aus tokio deutschland tattoo4


Digital drawing 36

“Under the Black mark 4”

Digital drawing 33

“Under the Black mark 1”

Digital drawing 28

Hannya mask combined with Celtic knots

Digital drawing 22

“Transzendentale skandinavische – japanische heidnische Revolution 10”

Chōjun defending the gates of Valhalla 張順とヴァルハラの門

His body adorned with Viking design representing serpent knots, as the original Suikoden novel describes this hero having tattoos of this reptile.

Digital drawing 21

“Transzendentale skandinavische – japanische heidnische Revolution 9”

Kaoshō Rochishin gegen Jörmungandr/ Midgard Serpent 花和尚魯智深のヨルムンガンド退治

Sabaton Coat of Arms Tattoo

Sabaton Tattoo1

Band/ music inspired full sleeve tattoos

Rechts arm, von Blind Guardian inspiriert ist

Links arm, von Sabaton

carlos aus tokio deutschland cologne tattoo011

I’ve been uploading less and less tattoo photos in this blog, it seems. In reality, I’m just being “picky” on what to show here, as I want to make sure to wait for healed tattoos and then, re-take the photos.

As you might know, when tattoos are fresh they seem to look really awkward and difficult to read with all the shining, peculiar to a newly finished session.

And obviously, when the customer walks out from the door, I have no guarantee I would be able to see that person ( and consequently, the tattoo ) once again.

I’m very thankful with timing when I can manage to meet them again, and get the right moment ( with right natural light, right weather, etc ) to take the photos of the tattoos.

Some take few years. But, I enjoy the encounter.

It’s a good opportunity to re-visit some ideas and ideals from a quite distant, but at the same time, ageless moment from both sides. Experiences and expressions that will be forever present.

Digital drawing 19

“Transzendentale skandinavische – japanische heidnische Revolution 7”

Valkyrie mit Tennyo ワルキューレと天女

Digital drawing 15

“Transzendentale skandinavische – japanische heidnische Revolution 4”

Odin mit Shōki オーディンと鍾馗