Schlange 🐍 mit Dolch 🗡

Insgesamt drei Stunden.

Angel Back piece 6

Body suit

Zweiter Sitzung, mit einem cover-up
Bitte, klicken an diesen website “Menu”, dann “Tattoo Process”. Kannst Du gucken wie diese ganzen Arm entsteht war

Taiko (Healed)

About a month old. No touch-up‘s, no filters.

Angel back piece 5


Back with a bang

Doors finally open . Trying my best to keep the motivation up, as inspiration it’s always on

Angel back piece 4

From the archives. Persisting in such times might sound heroic, but reality is far from what we really face. Not being able to fight it’s more disconcerting than imaginary screams from battlefields


Angel back piece 3

Angel back piece 2

Little bit more lines.