Angel back piece 4

From the archives. Persisting in such times might sound heroic, but reality is far from what we really face. Not being able to fight it’s more disconcerting than imaginary screams from battlefields


Angel back piece 3

Angel back piece 2

Little bit more lines.


Angel back piece

Slowly getting there. In between pandemic and lockdowns we need to be in the same „sintonia“ or line. Challenging task in those days.


Stairway to hännyahead

Being re-modeling the shop since July/ August. It’s a slow process between tattooing, finding spare time and kicking my own butt. But hey, it’s getting there I must say.


Roses for Isabelle


Hybrid Hannya Abgeheilt

It was finished last year, but with all the chaos that followed afterwards, we never had a chance to meet. Finally we could take a proper picture! Must say that I’m pretty satisfied with this tattoo and more will be added soon 💪


Amelio Robles メキシコ水滸伝


Rosa Bobadilla メキシコ水滸伝

Known as “La Coronela,” she inherited the position of her husband after his death fighting by the side of Emiliano Zapata. She was a remarkable leader, she fought the federals while commanding 200 peasants. Here depicted as a Tennyo, heavenly maiden in Buddhist iconography

Margarita Neri メキシコ水滸伝

She was a fierce soldadera, a female soldier of the Mexican revolution. Neri commanded a unity of more than 1000 women in 1910, throughout Tabasco and Chiapas. Always carrying a machete, vowing to decapitate dictator Porfirio Días⚔️ Don’t mess with her❗️💪

#heroes of suikoden # Mexican version