Stairway to hännyahead

Being re-modeling the shop since July/ August. It’s a slow process between tattooing, finding spare time and kicking my own butt. But hey, it’s getting there I must say.


Roses for Isabelle


Hybrid Hannya Abgeheilt

It was finished last year, but with all the chaos that followed afterwards, we never had a chance to meet. Finally we could take a proper picture! Must say that I’m pretty satisfied with this tattoo and more will be added soon 💪


Amelio Robles メキシコ水滸伝


Rosa Bobadilla メキシコ水滸伝

Known as “La Coronela,” she inherited the position of her husband after his death fighting by the side of Emiliano Zapata. She was a remarkable leader, she fought the federals while commanding 200 peasants. Here depicted as a Tennyo, heavenly maiden in Buddhist iconography

Margarita Neri メキシコ水滸伝

She was a fierce soldadera, a female soldier of the Mexican revolution. Neri commanded a unity of more than 1000 women in 1910, throughout Tabasco and Chiapas. Always carrying a machete, vowing to decapitate dictator Porfirio Días⚔️ Don’t mess with her❗️💪

#heroes of suikoden # Mexican version

Subcomandante Marcos メキシコ水滸伝

¡Ya Basta!


🇲🇽 Últimamente vengo postando dibujos inspirados en mi última viajen à México. Mesclando mís raízes niponicas y tambien latinas. Con respeto à las dos culturas, porque nada és de nosotros. Las artes són de todos












Size A3. Mechanical pencil B.

jörmungandr 2nd & 3rd session

Now we are in this situation and I see everybody around posting old shit to keep up in the surface. I must say that we already drowned, but we don’t want to believe…

👆Second session, drawing and tattoos, respectively

👆Third session