Japanische Lotus tattoo (Healed/ Verheilt)

lotus blumen tattoo carlos aus tokio
Our friend Daniel came for a “check up” on his healed tattoo. I re-touched a little bit some colors on the flower(s), but the rest is pretty much how it looks like right now. Bellow is the fresh tattoo. Please compare how colors do change.
You can follow the step by step of this tattoo from here as well!
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japanese lotus blumen tattoo

短歌 鬼 Oni-Demon(Haiku/Tanka paper)

笑う門には福来る 怒る門には鬼がくる
Laugh now, cry later (or the opposite, depending from which perspective/ angle you see things)
oni tattoo carlos aus tokio
Size: (approx.) 8.5cm X 29.5cm (3.5 X 11.5 inches)
Material: Pentel brush pens and Water pens

Tribal Dragon 3

Total heute: eine Stunde für Zeichnung, drei für Tattoo. Letzte termin hier
tribal drache rucken tattoo

tribal dragon rucken tattoo carlos aus tokio

This session: 1 hour to lay the drawing and 3 for tattooing. Past session here

Oberhausen Tattoo Bash (review)

All photos, click to enlarge

I wasn’t writing any reviews recently, because the 2 past conventions I took part didn’t work out for me that good.
Well, we can’t expect only positive results from every trip. Reality is, that slowly getting to understand the system of my new environment; I have to carefully avoid to stagnate myself.
This last convention in Oberhausen was again, like all conventions I participated an a eye opener.
Since I moved here (because of the language barrier), I learned to be more a hearer than a talker.
For not being able to expose all thoughts verbally, as a human being I learned (and still learning) that perception is a important guider.
Making new friends. Listening to new words, and above all, laughing.
It makes me feel so good to laugh, being laughed and making people laugh.
That might be the answer. But is too early to say so, so I will laugh again.


Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 11 (Fire & Earth)

Sneak peak of the next drawing for Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project with my friend Old Horse from Sweden.
sailor jerry2

sailor jerry1

Don’t forget to look at our past drawings here , and Horse’s instagram here

Hybrid Tribal tattoo for Michael

Total fünf stunde
tribal hybrid tattoo carlos aus tokio
Total 5 hours
tribal hybrid tattoo carlos aus tokio1
Left: Sample brought by the client and rough sketch. Right: Free-handed design
左:お客さんが持ち込んだ下絵とラフスケッチ 右:フリーハンドで描いた下絵

Cristopher Maori Hybrid 2

Erste termin hier
Diese termin: 2 stunde

Danke für gucken meine blog. Schönes wochenende für alles!
Maori tribal tattoo Carlos aus Tokio
First (previous) session here
This session, we worked for 2 hours. One more session left to finish it!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanx for stopping by!

Schrift tattoo 5

schriftzuge tattoo carlos aus tokio