Cristopher Maori Hybrid 2

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Diese termin: 2 stunde

Danke für gucken meine blog. Schönes wochenende für alles!
Maori tribal tattoo Carlos aus Tokio
First (previous) session here
This session, we worked for 2 hours. One more session left to finish it!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanx for stopping by!

Schrift tattoo 5

schriftzuge tattoo carlos aus tokio

Around and ’round

I wrote a little while ago (here) about getting inspiration from buildings. If you look around, no matter where do you live; surely you will find it. Raise your eyes from the phone. Raise your mind from dark thoughts. Raise the memories from the one’s that left their messages on the walls. Cities that are made of lights. Cities that are illuminated by heart

Sabaton Heroes tattoo

As I promised here, the new tattoo on Tim. Based on Sabaton CD cover.
sabaton heroes tattoo carlos aus tokio
Bellow: His right arm that was finished couple months ago. You can follow the step by step of this work from here
blind guardian and then there was silence1