Anfangen ist leicht, beharren eine Kunst

Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm Körte (1861)

This world is magic
It is wrapped in magic (live)
It is subjected to magic (breathe)
It is where we go
or either from where we came
Once born in this world
I want to leave something
(more than) footprint remains
Finding magic, chasing it
While you’re looking for it
Will take you, also into magic

Kalle Balle (2014)

Wake up! Wake up!
He’s just coming from the corner…

Lately, I went to the museum of Eastern Asian art to find some hints for my Tiger+Oni project (here), this time I dig on the books about Vikings for this next tattoo.
But, in addition, had a stroll around the pagan mountains to feel some signs.

Sleepless nights
Sleeping minds
Clear vibes, clear soul