Cleaning the house up

Some new additions on this yours very weblog, website or whatever it’s called.
I added a new section on the menu bar: lettering tattoos/ schriftzüge
And I uploaded some new photos on Hybrid tattoos/ galerie, and organized some of the old photos over there as well.
And, nothing really new, but I added couple more drawings to Drawings/ zeichnung section
I hope you will check it out!

当サイトに新しいコーナーを設けました。Menuから書体・文字タトゥー(lettering tattoos/ schriftzüge)、そしてHybrid tattoos/ galerie には新しい写真と去年まで彫った作品を整理しました。Drawing/ zeichnung コーナーにも数点過去のタトゥー下絵を追加し、内容的には充実していると思うんでぜひチェックして下さい♪

Cristopher Maori Hybrid 7 (letzte Termin/ Last session)

hybrid tribal sleeve tattoo1
Finished this sleeve on Cristopher after 7sessions. Each session was more or less 3 hours each.
I expect to get a healed picture of this tattoo, so it will be easier for you to figure out the shading and solid black parts. You can track down the step by step of this tattoo from here
Thanx for the patience Cristopher!
hybrid tribal sleeve tattoo2

Steinbock / Goat tattoo

From a tattoo I did on Christian last year. You can see the step by step here
And now he’s back for more addition. Will do the best to not be so far apart from the former tattoo, but considering that the new theme have a different twist of his own.

arm tribal goat tattooトライバルタトゥー4
arm tribal goat tattooトライバルタトゥー3

arm tribal goat tattooトライバルタトゥー1
arm tribal goat tattooトライバルタトゥー2

タトゥー下絵tattoo painting
I’ve been working on this one since end of last year and have to confess that I was getting more and more lazy to finish it.
Canvas isn’t the surface I like to work the most, but hey; where there’s a will there’s a way!
Now that the light is at the end of tunnel, I hope to nail it sometime soon!
Thanx everybody for checking this blog!

japanese tattoo carlos aus tokio

Just finished. Previous session here

Totenkopf tattoo

skull tattoo
Tattoo I did few months ago. Partly healed, partly re-done.
Photo bellow, right after when it was finished.

totenkopf skull tattoo carlos aus tokio1