kanji tattoo1




How was the weekend for ya?

Mine wasn’t great, but wasn’t  worst.

Yup, it’s one of these phases. Not everything rolls as we predict, and sometimes the balance swings to unexpected sides.

All I can do, is keep repeating movements. Movements I’m doing since all this tattoo thing had started.

And the better of all, it’s when you realize that it still possible to keep moving (forward)

Isn’t that great?

Ein neues projekt start!
freihandzeichnung eine stunde. Tätowieren zwei stunde
Danke für gucken diese blog ;)
maori inspired tribal tattoo1

maori inspired tribal tattoo2

A new project on the table!
We spent 1 hour for hand drawing and 2 for tattooing.
Hope you have an excellent weekend!

Nø Pain Nø Gain #4

Size: B4

no pain no gain tattoo2

No compromise. Just drawings for fun turning to a new serie. 

If isn’t  for the fun, then what da he’ll we all supposed to be doing on earth?



欲は毒ですね^ ^