Tribål Alphabet  tattøø

tribal sleeve tattoo
This is the 2nd session on Ralph. Again, when I can’t find a good result on the photo I take after each session, it’s better not post it. Still, I’m way more critical actually. Thank you for checking this blog!

aus Frankfurt mit Liebe

Back from the front, to tell ya another story
Ain’t no bullshit, ain’t no days of glory
I had seen the gory, I had seen da dead body
I hit the surface, trying to breath and survive
Mudafuckas keep trying to get a hold on the jive
I broke the chains and now I built a castle
Money ain’t easy, just like a blood vessel
One runs in, while they take one out
That’s what life it’s all about
No more excuses, but ain’t my fault
Into the webs of life, easily got caught
Spit the curse and let go the doubt
All ya praise it’s transformed into hault


鯉Koi+? 2 & 3

koi carp tattoo1
This is the 3rd session. The photo I took from the last session wasn’t good and I did not posted it. Basically we had done the shadings of the Koi and this time, we extended to the lower arm.
We have more details to add.

totenkopf schlange/ Skull & snake tattoo 3

tattooed women frau1
3rd session. We did mainly the back of the arm, adding the snake’s body and one more flower on the elbow.

Upcoming convention

carlos aus tokyo:

Diese wochenende, vom 20-22. März auf tattoo messe in Frankfurt bin Ich mit Gills Bodyart Stand!
Kommt am besten so früh wie möglich damit wir genug Zeit zum reden haben.
Ihr habt dann auch höhere Chancen einen Termin zu ergattern

Originally posted on Carlos aus Tokyo♠Tattoo:

Frankfurt tattoo convention 2015
I will be attending the Frankfurt convention this week from Friday to Sunday. I will be at Gill’s Bodyart booth. If you are around, please come by!

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